Making Everyday Decisions Better With Thought Experiments

Consider a very basic problem of the universe: "Why aren't sheep green?" It would seem to make sense if sheep were bett...

What Would Elon Musk Do? Thinking About First Principles

If you wanted a rocket to Mars what would you do? Building one would be a pain, so probably getting someone else to bu...
Mental Model

What Is Your Circle of Competence?

Have you wondered what stocks to invest in, what business to start, or even what job to take? Perpahs. You might be won...

The “Curse” That Will Seriously Hurt Your Presentation

Have you ever been in a situation where you were very excited about something? Then, you try to explain it and the othe...

Backfire Effect: Why Good Evidence And Sound Logic Doesn`t Matter

When arguments backfire! John worked so hard to convince that "crazy" uncle of his that he is right and his uncle wr...

How One Bias Can Help You

"Biases make our judgments irrational!" Or so says the yourbias.is website. Is that really a bad thing? The thinking i...
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