Why should you care about debate?

If I were to mention the word debate, what would be the first image that comes to mind? It may be two teams of college ...

What different types of presentations are there?

There are five basic types of presentations. This article covers the basic problem and how to get better at each one.

How To Design Your Presentation For Victory

How do you know you did a good job on your presentation? One could say, if a majority of the audience listened to the ...

How can a presentation be informative and entertaining?

If you have seen any number of TED talks, you might be struck at how some are just informative. On the other hand, oth...

How To Avoid E-Learning Hell

How many of you have had horrible encounters with company online learning programs? Sometimes I'm not really sure if th...
Meeting Facilitation

Making Meetings Matter

How much time do you think the average person spends in meetings over their entire life? 1,000 hours? 10,000 hours? 100...

How To Duel with Questionable Experts and Win

In 1848 poor people were dying of cholera right and left. It was a truly horrible situation. The actual numbers vary, b...

Avoiding Anxiety When Presenting

If you are like most people, the thought of getting on the stage in front of a hundred people would cause your heart to...

Great Self-Image Making For Speaking

I talked in a previous blog article that having courage not confidence is the most important first step. Courage is the...
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