Born in Richmond, Virginia, USA in 1979.

Originally a shy, science geek, he first learned the importance of presentations and the need to have a place to practice and experiment after joining a non-profit organization (Toastmasters) to improve his presentation skill.

Previously worked at NASA, Cisco Japan, and other large IT Corporation. Spent more than 15 years training businessmen and women to be better presenters. Good enough at Japanese help native Japanese speakers win speaking contests. Was fortunate enough to give a TEDx Talk in Kyoto also in Japanese ;).

Also aims to build the toughest communication contest ever. That will not only include being good at business presentation skills, but debate, meeting facilitation, negotiation, coaching, and more. Also runs an online communication dojo where the focus is on practical skill application not listening to a sage on a stage. People practice in either Japanese or English.

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Judge for ICEE(3 times):http://xn--lb0av70b2ng.com/icee/




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