What Bugs Me Form

Step 1

Please write what bugs you

If there’s anything that bugs you, please send in the bug. Please do fill in your e-mail address as well, as it will help us let you know when the bug has been fixed.

    Step 2

    Add info for a chance to win a mug or t-shirt

    I would love to send everyone either a wonderful Comujo t-shirt or Comujo coffee mug, but I get lots and lots of suggestions and bugs throughout the year. (I`m only human after all 😉 ) However, if I find your bug to be one that really makes me go “Doh!”, I’ll send you one of these items all the way from Japan! Just let me know which one you prefer and the size if it is a t-shirt.

    Note: If you’d like a chance to get a t-shirt or mug then you will need to fill in your mailing address. These will not be used for any other purpose than to send you either of these items. Be sure to check your details before hitting the send button. I’d hate to have it go around the world and boomerang back!

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